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Thorough, professional and friendly

“In the four weeks that Cameron Publicity represented me I obtained several radio interviews, including Woman’s Hour and BBC Radio London, a major newspaper feature and more. The Cameron team were thorough, professional and friendly. They produced a powerful press release and I received weekly reports on the progress of the campaign. They carefully worked with me on my ideas, while guiding me to the best avenues for publicising my particular book. It was a really good investment.

-Elizabeth Woodcraft, author of Beyond the Beehive

Numerous radio interviews

“Cameron Publicity and Marketing did a great job at publicising Cleverlands - securing me numerous radio interviews, and spots on BBC news and Newsnight. During the campaign I knew I could trust them to respond to relevant events in the fast-paced world of the media, to promote my book to its fullest.”

-Lucy Crehan, author of Cleverlands

My book shot to #1

“I am very pleased with the PR campaign that Ben and his team ran for the UK launch of my book, The Orgasm Prescription for Women. They crafted a few different angles to pitch the media which resulted in coverage on iTV, in The Sun, and Stylist magazine online and soon, Red magazine.

As a result of their efforts, my book shot to #1 in multiple categories on Amazon with several high quality book reviews, too. I felt very well looked after and I look forward to working with Cameron PR again in the near future.”

-Andrea Pennington, Author of The Orgasm Prescription for Women

Full of ideas

“Cameron Publicity were a pleasure to work with and were full of ideas of how to promote my book. Even better they followed through on those ideas! Very pleased with my experience and highly recommend this company for all book promotion needs.”

- Sean Hancock, author of Trick

Excellent service

“I introduced Ben to my first novel ‘Homeward Bound’ and within days they had arranged BBC radio interviews and quality reviews. I recently heard Lee Child (Jack Reacher) say that for his first eight novels nobody knew him - like he was published by the Witness Protection Programme! Maybe he should have got in touch with Ben!”

Richard Smith, author of Homeward Bound

Exceeded my expectations and I would recommend wholeheartedly

“I am really impressed with the publicity support from Ben Cameron and his team. They secured many BBC radio interviews for me, along with blogger reviews and feature articles. They exceeded my expectations and I would recommend their services wholeheartedly. “

- Rose McClelland, author of Under Your Skin

Highly recommended!

“After a successful four week campaign the fruit is still ongoing. It is an exciting experience because you do not know what opportunities will open up, what you can be sure of is that Ben and his team will represent you and your book professionally, and to a wide spectrum of media outlets. Communication was consistent. Highly recommended!”

-Jonathan Walker, author of Bill and the Little Red Plane

I have no hesitation in recommending them

A couple of people recommended that I contact Ben Cameron at Cameron Publicity and Marketing to publicise my book and they were absolutely right! They have done an excellent job. I have no hesitation in recommending them. You won’t regret it!!

- Ranjit Kaur, author of The Dancing Maharani and Other Stories

Guided me through the maze with a charm and depth of knowledge

“When my first novel was published I was pretty much clueless about the business world of books, publicity and marketing. Not anymore! Ben Cameron and his team took me by the hand and guided me through the maze with a charm and depth of knowledge that gave me confidence and inspiration. I would recommend Cameron publicity to anyone who wants to get their book “out there!”

-Frank Hurst, author of The Postmistress of Nong Khai and The Chiang Mai Assignment

A fantastic service

“A fantastic service. I took the two week service. It went in a flash and I was amazed at how much was achieved. Highly recommended.”

-Kay Seeley, author of The Guardian Angel

Worked tirelessly

“Cameron Publicity and Marketing created a tailor-made campaign for my second novel Moondance, involving only broadcast and newspapers. This was to fit neatly alongside the other promotion my publisher, Blackbird Digital Books, was actively engaged in. They worked tirelessly to publicise Moondance, pitching to a large range of select targets, and securing coverage by two daily newspapers and by local radio.”

-Diane Chandler, author of Moondance

Someone in your corner you can trust

“From the moment I started working with Ben Cameron and his team, I understood I had experienced backing. As a self-publisher I very much wanted to maintain control over the overall process of selling my book. But I needed help with creating the buzz, the magic that helps get a book noticed. Cameron Publicity and Marketing tailored an online and traditional media approach that fitted the needs of my book and were there with answers and ideas whenever I had questions or concerns. If you want someone in your corner you can trust, work with Cameron Publicity & Marketing.”

- Tomas Byrne, author of Skin in the Game

Excellent value for money!

“I met Ben Cameron (Cameron Publicity and Marketing) at a social event last year - and am very glad that I did! I had a previous experience of dealing with another well-known book publicist and was extremely disappointed with the lack of personal contact and measurable outcomes. But Ben seemed to represent something very different. His team took great care to keep in regular touch, made sure that potential reviewers were appropriate, and more than met my expectations so far as outcomes were concerned. Excellent value for money!”

- David Ebsworth, author of The Last Campaign of Marianne Tambour

Care, attention and diligence

“Cameron Publicity & Marketing helped get the word out about my second novel Hampstead Fever, and I was very pleased with the coverage. I was particularly impressed with the care, attention and diligence of the team over the four-week campaign. Nothing was too much trouble, and I could contact my publicist at almost any time. I felt that my book and I were in the safest of hands.”

- Carol Cooper, author of Hampstead Fever

Very efficient and professional

“As an ex-pat Brit I found it very useful to work with Ben Cameron and his team. He organised my trip to the UK in order to publicise my novel Six Million Accusers: Catching Adolf Eichmann, a trip which included three newspaper interviews and seven radio interviews with the BBC and LBC in London. In addition, they worked out all the necessary logistics in a very efficient and professional manner. I hope to work more with them in the future and I can certainly recommend them to other authors.”

- D. Lawrence-Young, author of Six Million Accusers: Catching Adolf Eichmann

People who know what they're doing

“A professional publicity campaign, run by people who know what they’re doing is so important, especially for first-time authors. Cameron Publicity ensured that my book received high quality coverage by household-name as well as local media. The results are still coming in many months later and sales of my book continue to be excellent.”

- Hazel Manuel, author of Kanyakumari

TV and print press within no time

“Cameron Publicity and Marketing did a fabulous job marketing my book, Egg N Chips and Billie Jean. They arranged radio and TV and print press within no time and got it out there in the best possible light. I really enjoyed collaborating with them. I want to and will use them again.”

- Steve Barron, legendary music video and film director and the author of Egg n Chips and Billie Jean

One of the best things I have ever done

“It was clear that if my two books were to receive a good audience I needed some professional help in promoting them. I was advised to go to the best in the market, so I contacted Cameron Publicity and Marketing. It was one of the best things I have ever done. Not only were they able to spot the opportunities in the market, and exploit them, but they were a pleasure to work with. I would recommend their services to anyone who has a book deserving top-notch promotion.”

- John Hollands, author of Heroes of the Hook and The Dead, The Dying and the Damned

Sales rocketed

After giving Cameron Publicity and Marketing the rather tricky task of promoting a novel with a positive view of an adulterous affair and based on true life events, they secured a very sympathetic interview with the Daily Mail. It featured on the front page of the Femail section and was the lead story on their website world-wide. Sales rocketed and it is still selling well.”

– Lynn Piper, author of Counting Wild Strawberries

A professional service with a personal touch

“I can highly recommend Cameron Publicity and Marketing. They provide a professional service with a personal touch and tailor their campaigns to ensure you get the most out of them.”

- Carol E. Wyer, author of Just Add Spice, How NOT to Murder Your Grumpy and other titles

An enormous help

“Cameron Publicity and Marketing have been an enormous help in gaining publicity for my first photography book. With their knowledge and expertise I was able to obtain TV and national newspaper coverage. Thanks CPM!”

Mark Zytynski, Author of Kensington Gardens Treescapes

Exceeded my wildest expectations

“Having Ben Cameron as my publicist exceeded my wildest expectations. It was an adventure where I was interviewed by the Mail on Sunday, The Guardian and was on ITV with Phillip Schofield. Ben was available and encouraging throughout. I would definitely recommend Cameron Publicity and Marketing to any writer who feels that their book could benefit from some extra publicity. As well as being connected and professional, Ben is a truly nice person to work with.”

- Michele Macfarlane, author of I Left my Husband for the Au Pair


I loved working with my publicist and I am really happy with my choice of going with Cameron Publicity to help push Three out there a bit more. The positivity about my novel and the exiting opportunities they secured for me offered the chance for me to talk and write about my book further. It’s created a buzz around Three and I’m starting to see the impact of that on my sales. I absolutely recommend Ben and the team and will be sure to come back to them when my next book is ready.

- Jennifer Jenkins, author of Three: A Tale of Brave Women and the Eyam Plague


Top notch with wide experience, great resources and strategy, and impeccable, professional –as well as genuinely caring- attitude. I am very happy to have hired Cameron Publicity and Marketing, not only due to the results they did manage to obtain in my case but also due to the way they engaged and accompanied me every step of the way. I could not recommend them more.

- Dimitra Doumpioti, author of The Story of WE


“Cameron Publicity and Marketing did a great job working with my debut novel, securing important coverage in national media such as The Independent as well as within my specialized subject area.”

- Rodrigo Ayala, author of The Fencer


“My debut novel was ready to publish and I knew nothing: not Twitter, not Facebook, no media contacts, truly nothing. By the time Cameron Publicity had finished working with me, I understood the media much better. I’ve had a TV interview that hit ½ million viewers, I’ve had radio interviews and I’ve featured in newspapers and online. Having established that you need help, I can highly recommend Cameron Publicity and Marketing as the company to give it.”

- Eric Seddon, author of Birth of an Assassin


“It was a pleasure working with Cameron Publicity and Marketing. They provided expert guidance with a personable approach. Responses were prompt and professional with attention to detail.”

- Angela James, author of The Theft of the Black Diamond and The Golden Moonbeam


“Over the month that I have been working with Cameron Publicity and Marketing I have been impressed by the way they have so widely distributed my book, bringing it to the attention of a great range of media, including national and local press and radio, and specific outlets with an interest in the subject and period. The uptake over this period has been impressive. I could not possibly have achieved anything approaching this level of coverage without their commitment, for which I am very grateful. They have been a pleasure to work with.”

- Donald Mitchell, author of The Politics of Dissent


“Having just completed a highly successful PR campaign with Cameron Publicity and Marketing, I can honestly say that I cannot imagine having coped without their professionalism, expertise and unfailing good humour. I very much hope that we will work together in the future.”

- Safia Shah, author of Carnaby Street’s Great Uninvited: Around the World in 80 Years


“I used Cameron Publicity and Marketing to promote my first book. I found them to be effective and have achieved several leads, with the Daily mail an FHM to date reviewing my book. I would recommend them to any new or existing author.”

- Roger Sproston, author of Fighting for Light


“I worked with Cameron Publicity and Marketing at a critical time – the launch of my debut novel Forty One. They took time to get to know me and my book, and so they could help me focus a campaign on literary and women’s media. Their excellent contacts led to Netgalley and Amazon reviews, BBC radio interviews and a full page spread in a national magazine. If it’s exposure you want and a team that’s caring, fun and professional to work with, Cameron is the answer. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!”

- Lesia Daria, author of Forty One


“You feel encouraged and supported from the very beginning. The publicity campaign is focussed on what you want to achieve and realistic in scope. It gave me confidence to take things further myself later. The approach is professional, efficient and reassuringly friendly. You are not just a client and may continue to receive contacts and ideas even after the contract has ended. I know where to turn next time.”

- Richard Pike, author of Do Not Forget Me Quite


“Not only do I write on a complicated subject, but am among the minority producing aggressively skeptical work. As such I had no illusions about how difficult promotion was going to be. Despite this, Cameron Publicity and Marketing was able to garner significant initial interest for my book, and moreover spot opportunities across a number of related fields. The result was not only interviews, including on BBC radio, and mentions in publications including the Financial Times, but a full review in the venerable Literary Review. Highly satisfied with their efforts and achievements.”

- James Miles, author of The Free Will Delusion


“I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the responses received using NetGalley. The NetGalley Plus service from Cameron Publicity & Marketing in following up the downloads and sending the results to me, has been excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend them, and will use them again when my new book comes out early in the new year.”

- Iain Cameron, author of the DI Angus Henderson series


We put our faith in Cameron Publicity and Marketing with our latest children’s book, and they didn’t let us down. We made guest appearances on radio stations and in magazines.

- Suzanne and Eve Maguire, authors of Spellbound Chronicles Trilogy