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Creative Book Publicity Campaigns

The cornerstone of our book promotion services. Our popular comprehensive book publicity campaigns draw on years of professional media pitching experience and personal contacts with journalists, producers and editors. We present your book to television, radio, newspapers, magazines and online media professionals in the UK, The Republic of Ireland and worldwide.

Our campaigns are tailored to your book and goals. We read every book and use our expertise and experience to create a creative and proactive campaign that will achieve optimal results for you. And with our dedication to personal service we will be in continual contact with feedback as your campaign progresses.

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Online Book Publicity and Marketing Service

A combined promotional package for printed books and ebooks that make the most of online opportunities, including social media, publicity and advertising.

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Ebook Publicity and Marketing Services

Innovative publicity and marketing campaigns and services specifically designed for promoting ebooks and making the most of both online and traditional media opportunities.

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Business Book Publicity and Marketing Services

Publishing a book is a great way for businesses to build their brand recognition, capitalise on their expertise and extend their services to new customers that they would otherwise be unable to reach. We love to work with businesses to help them to tap into the media and marketing opportunities that books can provide so that they are able to promote their business and make money selling books at the same time. We have several services that are specifically designed for the promotion of business books.

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Children's Book Publicity and Marketing Services

Children’s book promotion is one of the most difficult book publicity and marketing subject areas to do well. The media market is extremely competitive and the quality of competition is very high. However, with the right pitch to the right contacts, children’s books can benefit hugely from promotional opportunities. We are highly experienced at promoting children’s books and have fantastic results to show for our hard work and dedication on behalf of children’s book authors and publishers. Our creative children’s book promotion services are designed to make the most of publicity and marketing opportunities.

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Social Media Services for Authors and Publishers

Individually created and led by your needs, our social networking and book listing services can help you to make the most of Amazon, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, Pinterest and other online marketing opportunities. Learn how to use social media and maximise your impact with introductory and comprehensive packages.

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Author Book Marketing Support Services

In addition to our full book publicity campaigns, we have many services that are designed to provide professional marketing support to authors and publishers conducting their own book promotion efforts, including media pitching, press releases, NetGalley listings, websites, marketing material and more.

Ideal for authors with smaller budgets!

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Board and Card Game Publicity and Marketing Services

We offer innovative promotional services designed to create demand for board games, tabletop games and card games, both through media publicity and specialist social media marketing.

Our services are ideal for game publishers large and small and for introducing new games as well as reissued classics.

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“In the four weeks that Cameron Publicity represented me I obtained several radio interviews, including Woman’s Hour and BBC Radio London, a major newspaper feature and more. The Cameron team were thorough, professional and friendly. They carefully worked with me on my ideas, while guiding me to the best avenues for publicising my particular book. It was a really good investment.
- Elizabeth Woodcraft, author of Beyond the Beehive

"I can highly recommend Cameron Publicity and Marketing. They provide a professional service with a personal touch and tailor their campaigns to ensure you get the most out of them."
- Carol E. Wyer, author of Just Add Spice, How NOT to Murder Your Grumpy and other titles

“From the moment I started working with Ben, I understood I had experienced backing. I needed help with creating the buzz that helps get a book noticed. If you want someone in your corner you can trust, work with Cameron Publicity & Marketing.”
- Tomas Byrne, author of Skin in the Game