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Children's Book Publicity

Children’s book promotion is one of the most difficult book publicity and marketing subject areas to do well. The media market is extremely competitive and the quality of competition is very high. However, with the right pitch to the right contacts, children’s books can benefit hugely from promotional opportunities. We are highly experienced at promoting children’s books and have fantastic results to show for our hard work and dedication on behalf of children’s book authors and publishers. Our creative children’s book promotion services are designed to make the most of publicity and marketing opportunities.

Four Week Children's Book Publicity Service

A targeted publicity service that is optimised for children’s books.

  • Advance publicity consultation
  • UK and Republic of Ireland publicity outreach
  • A professionally prepared press release listing all formats of the book and any other related books
  • Personal media outreach by an experienced Publicity Manager for 4 weeks, who will have read your book and you will get to know well during the campaign
  • Targeted pitching to non-fiction, fiction and genre media outlets focusing on outlets that welcome children’s books for reviews and features
  • Four week NetGalley listing
  • Weekly publicity updates detailing the most recent activities and responses. Reports can also be sent to your publisher or sales team, if you have one, to maximise the effect of publicity results
  • Interview scheduling and advice
  • Social media support from our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts

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Two Week Children's Book Publicity Service

A great way to use our professional skills and contacts to get you started with your own publicity.

We create a professionally designed and written press release and personally pitch your book to media interested in books for children, including as much follow-up as we are able to do within the time period. We will also list your book on NetGalley for 2 weeks to attract reviews on Blogs, Goodreads and Amazon. At the end of the service we will provide you with a list of media contacts who have shown interest in your project for you to follow-up yourself.

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Press Release Service

A bespoke professional press release created after consultation with the author. Designed to target the book to its best media audience and to provide information to media contacts in a way that they will respond to.

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Media Pitch Service

You provide us with a press release (or we can create a professional press release for you as above) and we send out your press release to a list of media targeted by subject with a professionally created covering email highlighting relevant media interest points. The number of media contacts reached varies according to the subject but is generally 200 - 400 named people working across television, radio, newspapers, magazines and online media. All responses will be passed on to you for follow-up.

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“After a successful four week campaign the fruit is still ongoing. It is an exciting experience because you do not know what opportunities will open up, what you can be sure of is that Ben and his team will represent you and your book professionally, and to a wide spectrum of media outlets. Communication was consistent. Highly recommended!”
- Jonathan Walker, author of Bill and the Little Red Plane

“Having just completed a highly successful PR campaign with Cameron Publicity and Marketing, I can honestly say that I cannot imagine having coped without their professionalism, expertise and unfailing good humour. I very much hope that we will work together in the future.”
- Safia Shah, author of Carnaby Street’s Great Uninvited: Around the World in 80 Years