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Ebook Publicity & Marketing

Innovative publicity and marketing campaigns specifically designed for promoting ebooks, making the most of both online and traditional media opportunities. Whether you are a publisher or a self-published author, our creative publicity and marketing services are designed to make the most of ebook publicity and marketing opportunities for you.

Two Week Ebook Publicity Service

A great way to use our professional skills and contacts to get you started with your own publicity efforts or for a more targeted campaign.

We create a professionally designed press release and personally pitch your book to at least two subject areas or genres, including as much follow-up as we are able to do within the time period. At the end of the service we will provide you with a list of media contacts who have shown interest in your project for you to follow-up yourself. We will need an electronic file of your book (preferably in epub and PDF formats), which we will send upon request to contacts who are interested in covering or reviewing the book.

Professional Ebook Publicity Service

A targeted publicity service that is optimised for electronic books.

  • Advance publicity consultation
  • UK and Republic of Ireland media publicity outreach
  • A professionally prepared press release listing all formats of the book and any other related books
  • Personal media outreach by an experienced Publicity Manager for 4 weeks, who will have read your book and you will get to know well during the campaign
  • Targeted pitching to media outlets most likely to consider ebooks for review. Outreach will focus particularly on online media such as review sites, bloggers and social media influencers. 
  • Four week NetGalley listing
  • Weekly publicity updates detailing our activities and responses from our contacts. Reports can also be sent to your publisher or sales team, if you have one, so that they are able to act upon publicity results
  • Interview scheduling and advice
  • Social media support from our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts

NetGalley Book Review Services

NetGalley ( is an online distribution network for ebooks. Essentially it is a way for publishers and publicists to get ebooks into the hands of media professionals, reviewers, bloggers and librarians in the format that they need for their ebook reading device. It is a fantastic way for authors to start generating reviews and build their profile.

We upload your book, book cover, blurb, author information, website links and metadata to the site. Reviewers can learn about your book and, if interested, request to download your book. That request comes to us for approval and if we approve them they are able to download and read your book for free. Their download is DRM protected, cannot be copied or forwarded and has an expiry date.

There are over 100,000 reviewers registered with NetGalley and about 75% of responses come from the US (the remainder are worldwide) so we recommend that books are available as ebooks in the US for the best results. Please also keep in mind that reviews are always honest and can be glowing, critical or anywhere in between.

We have two levels of service for NetGalley:

Standard NetGalley Listing Your book will be uploaded and listed on NetGalley for 4 weeks. We will administer download requests for you and pass any reviews on to you.

NetGalley PLUS Your book will be uploaded and listed on NetGalley for 6 weeks. We will administer download requests for you and pass any reviews on to you. Toward the end of the NetGalley listing term we will personally contact all of the readers who have downloaded your book to encourage them to review the book. We will also urge reviewers to post their reviews on their blog, Amazon and/or Goodreads as well as NetGalley