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The Cameron Publicity and Marketing Blog: The author’s guide to how to market a book

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Targeting Television to Promote Your Book

Television is the Holy Grail of book publicity. The BBC Breakfast show has an audience of five million viewers and even a regional television show, such as Meridian Tonight, has an audience of about 350,000 people every night. Television publicity...

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Authors: Train Your Book Publicity Brain

You are an author because you enjoy writing. You enjoy the creativity, the freedom, the solitude (within limits). If you write fiction, you may enjoy creating vivid characters and making imaginary places real. If you writing non-fiction you enjoy explaining,...

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5 Ways to Re-energise Your Backlist Books

Promotional opportunities are almost always aimed at new books – the media, retailers and readers all love to have the latest reads. So how do you keep the momentum going with your older titles? They are, after all, just as...

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