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How to Build a Great Author Website: Make It Shiny and Sticky

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Author websites are an essential tool for any writer. A great website will help readers, the media, publishers and anyone else that you want to reach to discover you. It is your home on the web – it is your public face filled with all of the information that you want people to know about you and what you do.

Wow, that view! But not so inspiring for writing…

Scottish scene with mountains reflecting in the water and gorse in foreground

“When Sam McColl told me that she spends most of the year in her cabin on the beautiful remote Scottish lochs I assumed, like many people, that it must be the ideal writer’s retreat. But it turns out that I could not have been more wrong. Here, Sam talks about the challenges and distractions of […]

Book Marketing Advice: Train Your Book Publicity Brain

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You are an author because you enjoy writing. You enjoy the creativity, the freedom, the solitude (within limits). If you write fiction, you may enjoy creating vivid characters and making imaginary places real. If you writing non-fiction you enjoy explaining,…