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Author Advice: Book Publicity Isn’t Only About Book Sales – It’s About Opportunity!

The question that I get asked most is: How many books will I sell if you run a media publicity campaign for me? And I will always be open and say that there is no clear answer – I simply do not know. It depends on a lot of things, such as what happens in the course of the campaign, how people respond to the cover, how much people like the book and how easily readers can find and buy the book. But while it is the one question that I cannot answer, I am always pleased when an author asks it. It means that they are thinking about their book as a business and business is about creating opportunity.

Book Promotion Advice: How to Get Your Book onto Television

camera men in a television studio

Television is the Holy Grail of book publicity. The BBC Breakfast show has an audience of five million viewers and even a regional television show, such as Meridian Tonight, has an audience of about 350,000 people every night. Television publicity is simply the best way to reach as many people at one time as possible.