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Rights are one of the most difficult aspects of publishing for authors and publishers to comprehend – and as a result they are often ignored entirely. However, rights sales are not only a valuable and under-exploited revenue stream but understanding can also help protect authors from copyright theft and exploitation.

We asked IPR license to give us a run-down on how a ‘rights platform’ can help.

IPR License was founded in 2012 by Tom Chalmers as a solution to the problems he was facing as an independent publisher. Despite being switched on to the importance of rights revenue he still struggled to maximise their full potential on a global scale. And with more and more licensing opportunities emerging, it was clear that he needed to do something to really boost his bottom line.

So IPR License was born: a dedicated online trading platform on which rights-holders could complete domestic and international licensing deals, all from their desktop.

How does this help you, the writer?

With the continued rise of indie and self-published authors more and more savvy writers want to take greater control of their content, specifically through their rights and licensing deals.

So, as well as enabling publishers to trade licensing deals, IPR License provides the perfect platform the author to showcase their titles to publishers and literary agents on a global scale.

How can i make money through licensing my rights?

Rights sales are an important aspect of a title’s profitability.

Markets vary around the world – books that are largely ignored in the US may be hugely popular in China and new markets are emerging all the time. Translation rights and territory rights can be sold separately to the countries that want them.

Subsidiary rights such as film options and audio editions can also be purchased by those interested.

Rights and licensing create huge opportunities to both increase your readership and to make money from potential advances and on-going royalties in foreign territories.

What rights can writers sell?

There are a huge variety of rights that publishers trade in – for example:

  • Print
  • Digital (eBook, enhanced eBook and, sometimes, App)
  • First Serialisation (usually sold to newspapers/magazines to generate press)
  • Second Serialisation (usually sold to newspapers/magazines to generate press)
  • TV, Film and Dramatisation
  • Digest
  • Radio and TV straight reading
  • Book Club
  • Audio
  • Large Print
  • Anthology and Quotation

Can IPR help with copyright?

Yes. In the digital age copyright infringement is an ever growing problem. If you register your copyright with IPR License, we will store the full manuscript for you and provide a unique reference code and a record of the day you uploaded it.

Take Control

It’s easier than ever for authors to take control of their careers.

By joining IPR License authors give themselves that extra chance to find a publisher or agent – whether locally or internationally – and secure rights/licensing deals all over the world to fully exploit the potential of their creative work.

How does IPR license work?

Author members have the opportunity to:

  • Create an author profile and list full details of their work
  • Upload a preview of their work
  • Receive messages from publishers and/or agents who are interested in their work
  • Register copyright: we provide a dated record of the work in case of dispute
  • Find copyright holders for titles on the site and negotiate permissions

The benefits

Make money from licensing your works in different formats and countries Be featured on global rights campaigns to 50,000 publishers in 90 countries Know Your Rights: learn how to monetise your literary rights effectively Upload your manuscript for 3rd party evidence of copyright registration Free Preliminary Rights Report based on summary + preview of your work Get shortlisted and promoted in our monthly Agent’s Pick Feature in the IPR Rights catalogue – distributed at 5 major world book fairs Sell limited-use licenses through our fully-transactional permissions service

How much does it cost?

Initial annual membership is £99 (+ VAT) for the first year, and includes the upload/registration of up to five full-length manuscripts (novel, non-fiction or finished collection of poetry/stories).

£25 per additional manuscript you wish to upload £10 per upload of supporting materials or updated work

If you’re a poet who would like to make individual, uncollected poems available please contact us for more information.

Annual renewal for full site membership goes down to £60 plus £5 for each additional manuscript (beyond the initial five). Copyright registration only: £10 per manuscript.

*We reserve the right to review our membership rates at any time.


Check out the IPR License website at


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